logoRandilea Publishing is the publishing home for Randy and Diana Hall and it was started for just that purpose. Over the years the realization came that there are things that I did for my own books that could benefit others as they wanted to self-publish their own books.

Some of the chores that need to be done are things that an indie author either doesn’t want to do or cannot do. The reasons vary, but regardless of the reason we are here to help you to get your book published.

Here is a list of the things an indie author needs to do to be successful:

  • An engaging website
  • Facebook page with link to website
  • Enticing book cover
  • Sales copy
  • Author platform
  • Build email list
  • Get reviews
  • Much, much more

If you need help in one of these areas let me assure you that I have the skills needed to create the things you need to be successful. Having the tools provided still doesn’t insure success. They must be used to market your book in the right way or they will do you no good.

Old Logo with Books

To become a best-selling author there are many things that must be done to get you and your book(s) in front of the public eye. When you first get the idea for your book is when the marketing process must begin, not after it’s written.

The first thing you need to research is whether the idea you have is marketable. If there’s no market, there’s no reason to waste your time writing it. Do a search using keywords that pertain to your idea. See how many like titles there are in that genre and how big the audience is that buy that type of story.

If all seems well with your probability search, then go ahead with getting or creating your book cover. I know it sounds premature, but it needs to get out there as soon as possible. An engaging website with an announcement featuring your book cover is a must from the very start. You will also need to put your cover on your FaceBook page.

There are several other places you will need to display your book cover. These are:

  • Amazon author page
  • Twitter
  • Forums
  • Google+
  • Pintrest
  • Press Releases
  • Banner ads

For my upcoming book I knew I was going to need a background for my cover and drew this scene using GIMP. I later added the people and the title with my name.


With an artist’s eye I look at the entire book, from advertising to social media to you name it. When I look at books to read, I like most, look at the cover first. If the cover intrigues me then I go into whether I want to read the book or not. Will the book entertain me? Or if it’s a nonfiction, will it be informative?

Below are a couple of the book covers I’ve designed. The Sword of Ghespi is my drawing of the the dragon and man placed in a standard background. The other is a background I found and thought it was appropriate for the subject matter. Both of the background images are copyright free or in public domain.

CoverFront    Awakening_in_the_ALL_Cover_for_Kindle

The whole reason for doing what you must is to sell books and therefor you must work on your artist’s platform. This is where you build your email list (your list of followers). And how do you do that? Become active in forums for that genre. Place ads on FaceBook. Run press releases anywhere and everywhere you can. Buy banner ad space on blogs related to that certain genre.

But it all goes for nothing if what you write isn’t worth reading in the first place. For this reason and this reason alone, you must write a good story, with believable characters in a realistic situation.

That is of course if it’s not fantasy. That world is another world all to itself.


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